Hope Takes Action – Volunteer Positions: dreamstime_xxl_26717848      

  • Mentors – Fundamentally, mentoring is about building a personal relationship – becoming a supporting friend. Each relationship will be as unique as the personalities of the people involved. The mentors aid in facilitating vital social connections the Getting Ahead participant may not have access to or did not know existed. The mentors walk with the graduates of the Getting Ahead workshops through their personal journey out of poverty. Mentors acknowledge, validate, question, and affirm their actions and assist in facilitating community connections. Mentors are required to attend a 6 hr Bridges education seminar and 5 hours of mentor training. Interaction with the mentee will require about 45 minutes per week on average, depending on agreed arrangements made between mentor and mentee.

  • Facilitators – Prepare and facilitate the Getting Ahead workshops. Workshops are 3-4 hours per week for 16 – 20 weeks. Facilitators are required to attend the Bridges education seminar and complete 6 hours of facilitator training. Facilitating requires a 16 – 20 week commitment for the Getting Ahead workshop.

  • Food Service – Be part of a team to provide and prepare meals for Getting Ahead workshop attendees. Ideally we will have 5 – 6 teams consisting of 4 members each providing meals for the Getting Ahead workshops. Each team would cover 3 to 4 Getting Ahead workshops. Bridges seminar required.

  • Child Care – Provide onsite child care for Getting Ahead participants. Bridges seminar and abuse reporting training is required.

  • Join a Committee – Volunteer for Fundraising, Outreach or other Program Support.

All volunteers are required to attend a Bridges Out of Poverty educational seminar and area specific training. Register here for Bridges Out of Poverty and Mentor training.

Contact us for more information.

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